The Finite Beings

I'm excited to announce the release of my book "Imaginary Things" (Inside the mind of a schizophrenic). The book is a memoir about my struggle with the illness and overcoming it. Purchase your copy today and share with a friend or family member!

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Our album "A Life to Come" is available! Purchase or download your copy from CDBaby or iTunes today and help support The Finite Beings! 
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The Finite Beings are:

Michael Nicholas & Donny DePaola


The Finite Beings are a Hard Rock/Metal band comprised of Christians. They share their faith through personal experiences to connect and relate to the listener lyrically. This is all supported by the emotional assault of their music. Using both classic and contemporary influences, they will raise many questions touching upon the deeper issues of this world. You will be coming along for the ride and finding yourself in a spiritual realm of music that takes you on a journey to the core of the heart and mind.