The Finite Beings

Stairway to Hell

The Finite Beings
Nicholas/DePaola (Parody of Led Zeppelin Stairway to Heaven)



There's a man who has sinned

As his eternity begins

He's walking down the stairway to hell

When he gets there he'll see

Many come but no one leaves

He hears the gnashing of teeth and the weeping


And he's walking down the stairway to hell


There's some writing on the floor

That leads to a door

It says "My words have only one true meaning"

In the mind of the man 

He understands what he can

But he never gave the words an interest

It makes me wonder, It makes me wonder


There's this feeling I get

That sends shivers down my spine

And my soul cries, "Lord forgive us"

In my thoughts I have gone

To find meaning and behold

It leads me to the one with pierced hands

It makes me wonder, Really makes me wonder


And it's wisdom thats formed

Through fear of the Lord

From what He spoke we can come to reason

As our days come to an end

We can have hope through who He sent

And the gift is free for all who accept Him


If we are separated from Him due to our sin

Then lets restore by repenting

Yes there are things that hold us back

But in the end all

If He is for us who is against us?

And it makes me wonder


Now there are two sides fighting for you

In case you don't know

We can decide which one to join with

We all have headed down that stairway

And in the same way

We can take the high road less traveled


And as we walk up that high road

We feel the Spirit fill our souls

There's the man that we all know

Greatest story ever told

And if we open up our hearts

It doesn't matter where we start

We were all broken and torn apart

Now lets step out of the dark. Now lets step out of the dark.


I was walking down the stairway to hell...